Your Favorite Websites Are Protesting Against Internet ‘Slow Lanes’


Net neutrality activists received a huge new show of support Thursday when major Internet companies including Mozilla, Reddit and Foursquare announced they would join a “day of action” to argue that proposed federal Internet regulation could result in slower speeds for some users.

Fight for the Future, an Internet advocacy group, unveiled the names of the companies—which also include Etsy, Kickstarter and WordPress, among others—that will display a “spinning wheel of death” on their sites on Sept. 10, according to the group’s blog. The loading wheels will symbolize what surfing the web could be like if the rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission in April go into effect, argues, a site maintained by several Internet advocacy groups.

Under those rules, some advocates argue, Internet Service Providers like Comcast or Verizon would be allowed to create a two-tiered Internet: a “fast lane” for customers or corporations willing to…

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